The Conversation Begins

This blog is a forum for your group and your classmates to have a conversation about William Saroyan’s story of childhood longing, The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.  After analyzing the story, you will develop a well written post.  You may want to find or create images and other media to express your ideas. As you and your group members contribute posts, read each others’ ideas and make thoughtful comments.

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Evelyn H says William Saroyan creates imagery through setting.

” It wasn’t morning yet but it wasn’t summer and with day break not minutes around the corner of the world it was light enough for me to know that I wasn’t dreaming.”

A divided land


While I was reading, “The Beautiful White horse I noticed William Saroyan creates imagery through setting.I can tell what day it is and it creates a picture in my head, it was dark and the sun was rising.

William Saroyan was explaining the setting in which the event takes place. It explains what time of day it is, he doesn’t say what specific time it is but he uses words to get a description of the night.

” That year we lived in at the edge of town, on walnut avenue behind our house was the country: vineyards, orchards, irrigating ditches, and country rads.”

I can imagine how the country looks like behind their house it has vineyards, orchards it has something a country would have and that is how you would imagine it if you lived in the mountains.

How imagery makes setting is the author adds in a lot of detail and describes perfectly how their town looks like.

” My cousin Mourad raced the horse across a field of dry grass to an irrigation ditch on the horse and five minutes later returned dripping wet.”

The author described how Mourad was dripping wet and he and the horse were in a ditch.

William Saroyan was describing where the horse was racing to and where the horse and Mourad were.

Hailee P says that WIlliam Saroyan creates imagery through setting.

When I read the story ” The Beautiful White Horse” by William Saroyan, I realized that the author creates images in the readers head by explaining the setting.
white horse

“It wasn’t morning yet, but it was summer and with day-break not minutes around the corner of the world it was light enough for me to know I wasn’t dreaming.” pg (841)

This is evidence of imagery because I can clearly tell what time of day it is and it creates a picture in my head.

The minor device imagery is used by William Saroyan to create the setting because it explains what time of day it is and that is apart of setting.

“That year we lived at the edge of town, on Walnut Avenue. Behind our house was the country: vineyards, orchards, irrigation ditches, and country rads.” pg (842)

This is evidence of imagery because the text is describing what it looks like behind their house and I can picture it in my head.

Imagery is used in this story to create setting because is is describing where Mourad and his cousin are.

“My cousin Mourad raced the horse across a field of dry grass to an irrigation ditch.” pg (843)

This is imagery because I picture a field of dry grass in my head and the auther describing where they are and whats happening allows me to do that.

This is imagery because it is explaining the setting which is where the event takes place.

When I first read the story  “The Beautiful White Horse”  I never noticed that the author creates imagery to make a setting, then I learned the minor device imagery and the major device setting. Now when I read “The Beautiful White Horse” I understand how imagery was created to make setting.


Andrea A. says Mouard setting revivals character

Mouard woke up and he saw his cousin riding a horse he thought he was dreaming because his family is poor and cant get a horse .then his cousin said ”its a horse. your not dreaming. make it quick if u want to ride”pg.841,842

Horse Thinking his cousin went crazy After that. mouard said that’s wrong that he took the horse from that framer but he always wanted to learn how to ride a horse so he told his cousin to promise him to not take the horse back till he learn how to ride but mouard is the main character he always wanted to ride a horse and he said that his cousin is great and a happy person but he never thought his cousin will never steal anything cause his family is good but poor.

”Leap out of the window”, he said, ”if you want to ride.”pg.843

Because when he saw his cousin riding the beautiful horse he thought he was dreaming but he wasn’t so he leap out the window and that’s when he told his cousin that was wrong that he took.

”I leaped to the back of the horse and for a moment knew the awfullest fear imaginable ”.pg.843

He got on the back of the horse and that’s when he had the awfullest fear imaginable he thought something was going to happen so he told his cousin to take it back but he wanted to keep it because he enjoy riding a horse and mouard always wanted to learn how to ride

Hannah S says William Saroyan reveals a theme of setting through mood

While I read The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse I noticed that the author William Saroyan made the book about someone stealing something but not like getting caught while doing it. He made it a way so then Aram and Mourad wouldn’t get caught for stealing someone else’s horse, then they realize that they needed to return the horse back to the original owner after keeping the horse for a month. This book kind of reminds me that you shouldn’t steal from someone even if someone doesn’t know about it and don’t get caught for stealing it.

“Aram” I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It wasn’t morning yet, but it was summer and with daybreak not many minutes around the corner of the world it was light enough for me to know I wasn’t dreaming. My cousin Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse. I stuck my head out of the window and rubbed my eyes. “Yes,” he said in Armenian. “It’s a horse. You’re not dreaming. Make it quick if you want to ride.” pg.842

This is evidence of Setting because, there in/out side of a house and Aram’s cousin Mourad is sitting out side of Aram’s bedroom window on a horse. It’s setting because its where there at and what like the “room” of where there at looks like. And the Setting is a bedroom window and a outside of the bedroom.

Because the Setting about what the “room” looks like also has to do with Mood. The Mood is with what the character feels like in the story. The character Aram. Aram is surprised because his cousin Mourad is sitting out side his bedroom on a horse. And Aram wasn’t expecting Mourad to be on a horse. So Aram didn’t really know what to expect.

It falls under conflict because at the beginning and middle of the story one of the main character’s Aram get’s worried because his cousin Mourad “stole” the horse and Aram is worried because he thinks there going to get caught with the horse and get in trouble. Aram’s cousin said “We’ll take him back or hide him until tomorrow morning.” He didn’t sound worried and I knew he’d hide him and not take him back. Not for a while, at any rate.

This has to do with Conflict because Aram is worried that him and his cousin Mourad will get caught about “stealing” the horse and Mourad doesn’t even care about getting in trouble because he’s the one that took the horse, and Aram is just worried cause he knows that Mourad isn’t going to give him back the horse to its original owner cause he did say he was going to return the horse to its original owner but said he wasn’t going to give it to the original owner till the next day then end up keep it an extra month.

Aram is really surprised that his cousin Mourad stole the horse with out getting caught and he likes the idea of keeping the horse but not as much, because he is afraid that he is going to get in trouble for stealing the horse and not returning him to the original owner until after a month. Then later on in the story the owner of the horse see’s his horse and says that its the exact horse that he had that disappeared a month ago, then after that Aram is freaking out because the owner was there and thought he was going to say why did you take my horse?

Well, it seemed to me stealing a horse for a ride was not the same thing as stealing something else, such as money. For all I knew, maybe it wasn’t stealing at all. If you were crazy about horses the way my cousin Mourad and I were, it wasn’t stealing. It wouldn’t become stealing until we offered to sell the horse, which of course I knew we would never do.

It’s Point Of View because Aram is pretty much saying that Mourad didn’t steal the horse, all he is saying is that they are boring the horse for a month and then they end up giving it back to the original owner. Aram is only saying it would be stealing if they sold the horse.

It is Imagery because Aram and Mourad are in many different placed through out the book, they’re at the window and in/outside of a house. The other part of the imagery is that there at a field/farm for pretty much the rest of the story where Aram gets to ride the horse and, gets to learn how to ride the horse.

Horse in buttercup meadow



Nyshelle L. says The thesis, that the boy just wants to learn how to ride and he doesn’t want his cousin to give the horse back until he learned how to ride.

DREAMY WHITE HORSEThe Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” by William Saroyan, The feeling I had when I read this story about the beautiful white horse, was that when the boy said to his cousin “I want you to promise me not to take it back until i learn to ride.” That surprised me that he said it, because he found out that his cousin had it for a month now, and he’s willing to keep it tell he learns. That a little wrong in my opinion.


My cousin Mourad, who was considered crazy by everybody who knew him except me, came to my house at four in the morning and woke my up by tapping on the window of my room. (Pg. 841)

I say its setting because it says that it was his house and in his room and the tap was at his window while he was sleeping.

I feel like it’s creepy that he would tap on the window just to wake him up.


My cousin Mourad raced the horse across a field of dry grass to an irrigation ditch, crossed the ditch on the horse, and five minutes later returned, dripping wet. (Pg. 843)

That’s setting, because its in the dry grass field near the ditch and getting wet for riding in the ditch.

It’s amazing how they describe how they are riding and where it is in detail and how they say they get wet.


He walked the horse quietly to the barn of a deserted vineyard which at the one time had been the pride of a farmer named Fetvajian. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn. (Pg. 844)

Describing how and where the barn i, and how it could be useful to hide the horse that has been stolen for a while now.

I feel like that they need to give the horse back to the rightful owner, instead of hiding it and keeping the horse in a barn.

Elizabeth H. says William Saroyan reveals character through theme

When I was reading “Summer of the beautiful White horse” by William Saroyan  I was intrigued by all the theme that was presented in the story. It as interesting to see all the theme because it was about kids and how kids always have theme in life and how that theme reveals his/her character. It could be good or bad but there is always a theme in someones life. These are some of the from the book that I thought revealed theme and then that theme revealed character:

“Most important of all though we were famous for our honesty.”(Pg # 841)

This reveals theme because the people in the story are famous for there honesty when in the book  the main character does exactly the opposite.
He used theme to revel character because the people of the town were famous for there honesty. So when his cousin steals the horse and he agrees to go for a ride then give it back but they never give it back so they really don’t care if they bring there family shame for being dishonest because they just want to ride the horse. So they are careless and reckless about the horse.

“I couldn’t believe the horse had anything to do with my cousin Mourad or with me or with any of the other members of our family asleep or awake because i knew my cousin Mourad couldn’t have bought it he must have stolen it and I refused to believe he had stolen it.” (Page # 842)

This is evidence because he didn’t want to believe that his cousin stole the horse. If anybody found out and they told then they would bring there family shame and they could get in serous trouble. All this trouble just because the wanted to ride the horse.

This revels character because its explaining how there going to ride it and 20111021-IMG_5215keep it for awhile but when his cousin lets him ride by himself hes being careless because he doesn’t know how to ride and the horse runs off and they could get caught.

” Yet the horse is the twin of my horse.
A suspicious man would believe his eyes
instead of his heart. Good day my young
friends.” Page # 847

When there were getting ready to go ride the horse the real owner found them and asked to look at the horse he said it was the same as his other one and the farmer knew it was his horse. When the farmer walked off he knew the boys would feel guilty and he knew later they would give the horse back.

The characters in this story need to learn a lesson before the get thing right just like everybody else in the world. You learn from your mistakes.



Ti-Ana W says William Saroyan develops character through conflict.

William Saroyan did an amazing  job at writing Summer of the Beautiful White Horse. There are some things that I found the  most interesting in the story involving conflict and characters. These are the ones that stuck out to me the most while reading…

“The horse will let me ride,” I said.
“ We shall see,” he said. “ don’t forget that I have a way with a horse.”
“Well,” I said, “any way you have with a horse, I have also.” (pg. 843).

mounted policewomen

The author is being competitive and wants to have the same abilities that his cousin has. He wants to be able to have the same abilities that his cousin has, but do them better. He wants to be able to have the same things as his cousin, but he wants to be a step ahead of him at the same time. He doesn’t want to be left behind when his cousin does something that he can’t do.

William Saroyan is using conflict to develop character by putting himself and his cousin in a situation where they both want to have the same abilities, but he wants them more than his cousin does. He is being very  competitive with his cousin because he wants to have the same abilities, but do them better than his cousin.

“How long ago did you steal this horse?” I said. It suddenly dawned on me that he had been taking these early morning rides for some time and had come for me this morning only because he knew how much I longed to ride. (pg. 844).

The way he was shocked showed that he was utterly surprised that his cousin was doing that. Although he basically took someone else’s horse, he was still happy that his cousin let him ride the horse as well.

He must have been wondering why his cousin was getting up so early in the morning every now and then. Now that he’s Figured it out, he has figured out why, he is very surprised that this was the reason why he was getting up so early. Once he realized that his cousin was bringing the horse to him and letting, him ride, he couldn’t have been have been more happy.

Early every morning for two weeks, my cousin Mourad and I took the horse out of the barn of the deserted vineyard where we were hiding it and rode it, and every morning the horse, when it was my turn to ride alone, leaped over grapevines and small trees and threw me and ran away. Nevertheless, I hoped in time to learn to ride the way my cousin Mourad rode. (pg. 847).

The author wants to keep trying in order to be like his cousin and the way he rides. Even though the horse keeps throwing him off, he still wants to be able to ride just like his cousin Mourad. He knows that he can’t just learn that fast, so he has to take his time while learning how to ride it.

The author makes you see how much determined he is to ride horses like his cousin does. He shows that no matter how many times he falls off of the horse, he still gets back up and tries to keep going and get better at riding the horse. It also shows how patient he is with the horse. He knows that the horse isn’t that familiar with him, so he knows it’s gonna take a while for him to learn how to ride the horse like his cousin does.